Lee Marzke on 10 Dec 2009 16:32:58 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Firewall & Virtual Web Servers

Why ?

Just have all requests come into a single Apache server, and let it do
what it is
designed for.

Apache virtual hosting ( using proxy )  doesn't restrict the destination
to be the same box (VM)

So you don't really need to change anything in virtual hosting other than
the re-write rules if you move one domain to a separate VM.  This works
with Tomcat and Plone servers as well using connectors.

I have used this setup as I migrated from physical severs to VM's and as
I move VM's around.   Works well.


Casey Bralla wrote:
> So I'm planning on virtualizing my servers, and I thought I'd also like to 
> virtualize my individual web domains.   I'd appreciate advice and comments on 
> my (goof-ball) plan.
> I currently host several web domains on a single web server (with a single 
> static IP) by utilizing Apache's virtual web server system.  So far this 
> system works very well, except that it gets kinda complicated if some of the 
> web sites want to do forums, or blogs, etc.  if each web page was running in 
> it's own virtual machine, then this would be much easier.
> Unfortunately, if each gets it's own virtual machine, how will I route traffic 
> to the correct virtual machine?
> Right now, my firewall forwards all port 80 traffic to a unique machine on my DMZ 
> which runs Apache, and then Apache determines which web domain has been 
> requested and automagically serves up the correct page(s).
> I'd like to do almost the same thing, but have the firewall determine which web 
> domain has been requested, and then forward it to the correct virtual machine.
> Is this even possible?   Anybody have any suggestions how the firewall might 
> detect which domain has been requested?
> TIA!

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