Richard Freeman on 17 Dec 2009 03:51:11 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Problem with streaming of youtube videos on linux pc

On 12/16/2009 09:17 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
> If you are running on a Live CD, you know that everything is in RAM and
> nothing touches the hard drive, right?  So maybe your Youtube and
> downloads are failing due to lack of space?  How much RAM and CPU do you
> have?

Note that if you do have linux installed on your PC, and you're using a 
Live CD anyway, chances are that you can get it to use your existing 
swap partition (assuming you have one).  That might greatly expand your 
available virtual memory pool.

Instructions on how to do this probably vary from distro to distro. 
Usually there is a boot option described in the instructions page that 
displays when you first boot it (before you hit enter or wait for the 
clock to run out at the kernel/boot prompt).

If nothing else you can just find the partition with fdisk and activate 
it with swapon.

If you don't have a swap partition but you have free space on a 
partition you can write to (ie just about anything other than ntfs), 
then you can create a swap file.  You need to mount the drive, create a 
file using dd, use mkswap to turn it into a swapfile, and then use 
swapon.  You might or might not also need to use losetup to turn it into 
a loopback device (I always do it this way but I hear that the newer 
utils can go straight to a file).  I could send detailed instructions if 
you need them...

FYI - I read Ben's email and I haven't had any MTU issues (that I've 
noticed) over FIOS, but I have their default config (using their router 
as the gateway, and it just runs DHCP over coax and no PPPoE).  That has 
worked fine for me so I haven't bothered to get around it (I already 
have a linux box with two NICs, but setting that up on FIOS is a bit of 
a pain).
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