Walt Mankowski on 19 Dec 2009 18:59:16 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Recovering data from dead laptop hard drive

On Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 09:50:11PM -0500, Casey Bralla wrote:
> Laptop drives have 50 pins and a slightly different connector scheme.  You can 
> buy an adapter connector for a couple of bucks to make them work.  You can't 
> just plug them in to a normal 40-pin IDE connector and let the extra pins 
> dangle.  The larger connector also supplied power to the drive.

Well, it's getting power from somewhere with just 44 pins, since I can
hear it spin up and click while the USB cable's connected, and spin
down when I unplug it.  That's good to know, though.  Thanks.

> I have one of these adapters and would be willing to loan it to you if you 
> want to brave the blizzard.  I'm in West Grove, PA.   Also, Radio Shaft may 
> sell them.  I bought one on-line several years ago when I was trying to revive 
> my laptop drive.  <sigh>  (it never came back to life, BTW)

Thanks, but it's been dead for a couple of weeks now, so another few
days won't matter.  Chances are they'll sell it at Microcenter, too,
and that's just down the road from me.  But if I can't find it there,
I may take you up on your offer... :)


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