Arthur S. Alexion on 29 Dec 2009 14:32:41 -0800

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[PLUG] VBox USB issue

The menu item for mounting USB devices in the VM never seems to detect them.  
Sharing of folders on the host does.  So if I mount a USB device on the host 
and share the mount point, I can achieve this.  Problem is, each device 
creates its own mount point usually based on file system label, and the mount 
point doesn't exist until the device is plugged in so there is no hot plugging 
using this work around.  I have to plug in a device, let it mount, share the 
mount point, and then launch the VM.  If I want to plug in something else 
which may create a different mount point, I can't.

Any ideas for making this work better?

Art Alexion

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