Mike Sheinberg on 30 Dec 2009 10:56:55 -0800

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[PLUG] openldap certificates deployment considerations?

Hey all,

I wanted some group feedback regarding painless (relatively) deployment of an open-ldap server for use of authenticating some linux desktops and a mail server. It seems the easiest method for me thus far is to utilize the Red Hat Directory Server (aka 389 DS for CentOS) because it has a rather nice GUI and takes a lot of the configuration details out of the deployment. Luckily this project has very good documentation on the whole process but I'm getting a bit stuck on the whole certificate process. Anyone know of any good guides that will assist me in configuring my server to only allow certified clients to connect (via SSL). I know this is a rather broad question so I just need a good launching point, obviously theres still a lot of reading I have to do. Consequently if there is an easier way for me to accomplish this (I'm not against using an Active Directory server to authenticate to) feel free to shoot that suggestion out there.

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