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Re: [PLUG] Reflogging the dead hard drive horse

Too bad the ice cream was in use. You could've had some while waiting for the copy. ;-)

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From: Steven Phillips <>
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Subject: [PLUG] Reflogging the dead hard drive horse

I know there was quite an involved thread on this a while back, but... I had a drive fail in my laptop, and though most of the files were not important, I had the bulk of my college assignments saved there. They weren't backed up, of course and I wanted to save my assignments for sentimental reasons.
The drive would only spin up long enough to display the files and directories, and only after sitting in the freezer overnight.Finally, I was going to give up, but thought "If it only spins up when it's cold, maybe I should just leave it in the freezer." So I threw a book on top of the ice cream, hooked the drive up to a usb cable and closed the freezer door.
By keeping it in the freezer, the drive lasted long enough for me to copy all my files over to my notebook.


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