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[PLUG] sendmail (gasp!) configuration

I just set up a new RedHat 5.4 server in late December to replace an old
RH 3 system.  It is a database server so the only reason it needs to
send email is for log-monitoring purposes.  RH 3 used postfix but RH 5
uses sendmail so I cannot simply copy the old configuration.

Mail sent by the new system is bounced with this message:

553 sorry, your envelope sender domain must exist (#5.7.1)

I thought that it was because the return address is: 
"root@newserver.domain.internal" but the emails from the old system come
through just fine with a return address of "root@oldserver.domain.internal".

The company has their network through Vantage so I suspect that I should
direct the new server to deliver the mail through 
Is that right - will it solve the bounce problem?  Alternatively, should
I tell it to "masquerade" as

If so, how in the world do I tell sendmail how to do either of these
The RH docs on this are scant:
but do include this:


Sadly, this section ( in the document does not appear to
describe the problem I'm seeing so I'm not sure it is the answer.

What are some good, simple Sendmail admin resources? 


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