JP Vossen on 4 Jan 2010 12:44:04 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] sendmail (gasp!) configuration

> Date: Mon, 04 Jan 2010 11:37:44 -0500
> From: Eric <>
> Subject: [PLUG] sendmail (gasp!) configuration
> I just set up a new RedHat 5.4 server in late December to replace an old
> RH 3 system.  It is a database server so the only reason it needs to
> send email is for log-monitoring purposes.  RH 3 used postfix but RH 5
> uses sendmail so I cannot simply copy the old configuration.

Ouch!  IMO there is no good reason to still use Sendmail for anything 
anymore.  Best case, for your use-case, use something like Nullmailer, 
worst case use Postfix as already noted, esp. since you already have a 

Unfortunately, Nullmailer isn't in the CentOS repos (it is in 
Debian/Ubuntu).  SSMTP isn't there either, but Postfix is.

See previous discussions of this:

I had an article about this on debaday but that seems to be toast. :-(

Nullmailer is a LOT simpler than Postfix, which is a LOT simpler then 
Sendmail.  Maybe try this one:
Or maybe:

> What are some good, simple Sendmail admin resources? 

# yum remove sendmail
# yum install postfix

Seriously, the definitive Sendmail resource is the O'Reilly "Bat Book," 
but as already beaten to death, use Postfix instead, and there's an O'R 
book for that too, which is overkill in your case.

Good luck,
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