John Karr on 4 Jan 2010 18:13:57 -0800

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[PLUG] Advice for Web Application Framework

I'm starting development on a web based data application. Since this will be
a fairly large application I would like to select a Framework (ie Django,
Ruby on Rails, Catalyst) or collection of libraries/modules so that I can
focus on logic and functionality.

My programming skills are limited and I have the most experience with PERL,
so I would prefer to stick with PERL. I plan to take advantage of the fact
that Postgres supports writing Stored Procedures in PERL to move logic from
the front-end to the database, which further supports PERL as first choice
and Python (which is also supported by PostGres) as second choice. 

So with the criteria that the tool chosen must be easy to get started with,
and not tax limited programming skills to comprehend, and that in PERL is
the preferred language and Python the second choice, what framework or set
of tools would you recommend.

The application itself is for member management for the 51 State Affiliates
of organization where the National Organization already has Raiser's Edge,
but due to licensing costs, it cannot be cloned for the affiliates. The
Affiliates also need to access Voter Registration Databases, however, I will
only at this time concern myself with Pennsylvania which has 8,473,462
registered voters (with a substantial number of records for former voters in

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