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Re: [PLUG] Remote XP ... Re: Edit Windows Registry from Linux LiveCD?

VNC works fine between platforms. It's a little slower than other protocols
but it's FOSS. I like ultravnc on the windows side, which is reasonably fast
windows to windows, especially if you reduce the colors and raise the
compression. It also doesn't require registration with a website.

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Has anyone found a Linux easy, safe and secure solution to doing remote
desktop help to someone with XP or similar?   My guess is this is going to
come back as a VNC solution.   It has to be easy and safe for a novice XP
user receiving help.

I was hoping for using rdesktop ( ),
but it does not yet support "remote assistance requests" from XP. 

As I mentioned before, trying to guide a novice on XP to allow their machine
to do remote desktop assistance (and later turning it off), and transmitting
the invitations can be a very difficult task.

> Not if I am doing it via SSH command line from the Ubuntu
> Live CD.  He 
> types "sudo aptitude install openssh-server &&
> ifconfig" into a terminal 
> window and he's done.  (I find it a hell of a lot
> easier to tell someone 
> what to type than to try to describe GUI operations over
> the phone.)
>  > BTW, how does one deal with the port mapping of the
> router of a
>  > person you are trying to help (when using something
> like ssh)?  I
>  > guess there are some software tools, that maybe use
> STUN server (I
>  > think that is the right word) like technology to
> punch through
>  > routers.  Is there such software that one can
> install and run to
>  > punch through a non port mapped router for using
> ssh?  Or that person
>  > connects to you and opens a terminal for you on your
> machine (but you
>  > have to explain how to do that).
> Good point.  I'm not sure they have a firewall or
> anything.  I was going 
> to have him plug the PC directly into his Comcast cable
> modem, which 
> should work.  If not, then it gets sticky.  I had
> half-formed thoughts 
> of having him SSH into one of my servers, and then just
> doing SSH port 
> forwarding to allow me to tunnel back to his side. 
> There are other ways 
> to do it too, Google "reverse shell".

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