E. M. Recio on 15 Jan 2010 06:01:15 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Thunderbird 3 (sucks so far)

On Sunday 10 January 2010 16:43:18 JP Vossen wrote:
> Anyone using Thunderbird 3?  I tried it on my Windows XP work machine
> and am mostly hating it.

I agree with you completely with TB3 (am using Fedora 12). After a long time 
TB user, I switched when my emails after a certain date just disappeared (from 
my IMAP server). I had to restore it all from backup. Then it happened 
again... so I figured out it was (based on the incrementals date) when I 
installed TB3. Some default option cleared out ALL mail from ALL folders after 
a certain date 90 days. I have email on my server since 2002! There were other 
quirks with the TB3 UI and functionality which irked me, this was the final 
straw... don't mess with my email!

So... I tried evolution. Evolution is very powerful and feature packed... but 
as far as doing very simple things (having a trash folder, changing so 
<CTRL><ENTER> asks for confirmation before sending, etc.) it does HORRIBLY. 
Further, the developers have no intention of providing options from within 
preferences to change these features. (Check the gnome bugzilla for 
Evolution.) After a month of using Evolution i have finally given up on all 
its quirks which are NOT changeable. GnuPG is supported under Evolution. Let 
me make it clear: if you can deal with simple things that you cannot change, 
then that might be overwhelmed by its rich feature-set, and powerful behind-
the-scenes features... just open up preferences and you'll see what I mean...

Currently, I am using KMail, and like much of the OLDER KDE (Pre-3.5, I used 
to use KDE since 1998 until they went to KDE4 ... KDE4 jumped the shark in my 
book) many features are configurable and it *does* support GnuPG out the box. 
Kmail works great even though I am using Gnome, and so far so good. 

If this email sounds bitter, sorry, it's probably because it is... i just want 
to read email. 

Speaking of which does anyone have a text based email reader (NOT mutt, or 
mail/x)? I was very familiar with Pine and liked it a lot, I tried a muttrc 
which emulated pine, but couldn't deal with mutt always having to have to 
invoke external applications to read (for example) html emails, or emails in 
other character sets which showed up as attachments, just strip it and show me 
the text!


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