JP Vossen on 10 Jan 2010 13:43:23 -0800

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[PLUG] Thunderbird 3 (sucks so far)

Anyone using Thunderbird 3?  I tried it on my Windows XP work machine 
and am mostly hating it.

1) I can't get it to work using TLS/SSL, where TB2 Just Worked.  It may 
be that TB2 silently ignored server-side config problems so I only 
thought it was working though (I'd swear I checked it with Wireshark 
when I set it up though).  I have to look into that.  If that's true 
then TB2 was severely insecure.

2) The address auto-suggest is totally screwed up.  I've found lots of 
other bitching about it, but no solutions.  In TB2 it gave you the most 
common address first, but this one seems to do random things.  I've 
already almost sent quite a few emails to the wrong person because of this.

3) The search bar opens a new tab, which then makes it impossible to 
find a bunch of stuff and just drag it into a folder to file it.

4) It just locked up on me during a spell-check and I would have lost 
the message, but it was already saved as a draft so I opened it from 
another machine and sent it before I killed TB3.  TB2 almost never 
locked up on me.

5) In-line spell-checking seems to be hit-or-miss as far as underlining 
incorrect words.

6) My old address book sync plugin won't work with TB3, so I have to go 
find a new one.  Others on the list have spoken well of Sync-kolab, so 
I'll check that out.  (I know that's not really a "TB3" thing, but it's 
still a problem when "upgrading" to TB3, so...

7) The new tool bars are annoying, though I can see some utility for 
them on any vertically challenged screen (which is all of the stupid 
wide-screens you can't avoid these days, and esp. netbooks).

8) You still can't CTRL-C/CTRL-V on a message to create a copy, then 
file it.  I do that in OL a lot; it's really handy.  You have to do an 
incredibly slow, clunky, menu-driven thing to do that in TB.

9) It looks like it uses more RAM, though it's hard to tell.  TB2 uses a 
lot when it was indexing, but would drop back.  Not sure I've seen TB3 
use a lot then drop it again.

And this is only after about 1 week...  Not too good.  Nothing like 
these kinds of things when upgrading FF versions (except for plugin 

Tabs are nice.  I guess.  Not sure I see any use for them in EM.  The 
new indexed search is much better, and has many more options.  If there 
was a way to have it NOT open in a new tab when I wanted to drag things 
into folders, that would be good though.

The icons and interface are prettier, but I don't care about that.

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