JP Vossen on 20 Jan 2010 22:54:42 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Collegeville FiOS

 > Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 22:05:35 -0500
 > From: Ben Love <>

 > I was told the cheapest plan was $60/mo (the 20/5), and unless I
 > wanted to go with a one-year committment for $5 off per month still
 > at 20/5. They didn't mention anything about the 20/5 going away, or
 > this being my only "chance".

By going away, I mean that 205 is not listed on the web page, or on the 
account reps screen anymore.  I assume that means it'll go away at some 
point, after everyone grandfathered is kicked out again.

Maybe you should check the URL I posted and call again.

 > Oh, and I was told that I /was/ notified, either by mail or by email.
 > And I must have thrown away/deleted the notice; or it was lost
 > somehow.

They seem utterly unable to grok the fact that I *have* had FiOS since 
2006, but do not have and do not want TV or phone.  They send me so damn 
much "get FiOS" junk mail that I started keeping it in a box and when 
the box is full I'm going to ship it to them postage due, ATTN the 
highest C-Level I can find.  I'm up to 1 lbs 6 oz so far, JUST FOR ME, 
and I've dated each piece and noted the frequent times I got 2 in 1 day. 
  I just scanned it and nothing like a notice jumped out at me.  But 
it's possible.

 > I was annoyed enough to check Comcast's prices to switch back.  But
 > without basic cable, they're actually more expensive.

Troy on the PANTUG list just said:
"I called verizon and bitched.  They offered me $5 per month credit. I 
was still pissed.  So I called Comcast and got a $20 plan for the next 
12 months."  See Troy's reply in:

 > This is in Kennett Square, PA.

They are so big it seems like they'd have to stage things in different 
areas, but the URL I found was pretty simple and didn't ask my any 
details.  Maybe they are streamlining?

 > If by "old" you mean "antiquated technology", that's junk. [...]

Yeah, I phrased that badly.  They are just playing numbers games with 
Comcrap.  "Look, even our *slowest* plan is faster than their whatever 

 > Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 22:59:56 -0500
 > From: Amaury Rodriguez <>
 > Interesting, I've had 5/2 for $39.99 since 2008; no changes in my
 > January bill. Seems like they apply different policies to different
 > markets (Horsham being mine).

Yup, back to the staging idea.  Keep an eye out and let us know...

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