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Re: [PLUG] Collegeville FiOS

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From: Carl Johnson

> BAH! I say go 50/20 and call it a day. Go big or go home. =-D

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The problem with Comcast and Verizon residential service comes when you try and host servers on that line, and violate your TOS. I mean do you really need 50/20 if you aren't hosting servers. Sure it's nice, but you should really switch to a business account if you want to host servers at home. The main difference at least for Comcast is you have to sign a cell phone like contract. Don't know about Verizon. 

I have the 50/12 at my apartment, I see the correct download speed, upload is lacking even from their speed test site. Mostly likely it's a number of factors, new spec(bugs), the channel is lacking or maxed out, and distance(hops) to the Comcast network border.

The DOCSIS 3.x modem they give you has Gig Copper ports and I'm running all Gig Ports on my boxes/v-boxes. 

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