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Re: [PLUG] Remotely viewing Windows VNC from Ubuntu

jim fisher wrote:
> On 1/22/10, Lee Marzke <lee@marzke.net> wrote:
>> OK,
>> I can't seem to get a connection for troubleshooting a remote Windows box.
>> Windows server 2003, with RealVNC server,  or TightVNC server installed.
>> I've tried using the Ubuntu packages
>> xtightvncviewer
>> But all connections are rejected for Auth error.  Even  if I disable
>> the password required on the VNC server.
>> With gvncviewer on Ubuntu
>> The auth is fine, but the remote server immediatly disconnects.
>> Does anyone have a working configuration ?
> I use vinagre - it just works.  Via the gui, I think it's branded
> "Remote Desktop Viewer"
Great,   I didn't know vanagre handled VNC.

The problem seems to be that my original session to Windows ( to install
was using rdesktop and that doesn't use the 'console'.    When I logged into
windows from the Vmware console everything started working remotely from
both xtightvncviewer,  gvncviewer, and vinagre.

Xtightvncviewer has an option to setup ssh tunnels, so I may use that.

vncviewer -via gwIP  remotehostIP   ( sets up ssh Local tunnel via gwIP )



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