JP Vossen on 29 Jan 2010 09:25:00 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] no moving parts

> Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2010 18:19:35 -0500
> From: Bill Patterson <>
> Can anyone recommend a computer with no moving parts?  I want one to 
> stay on 24/7 and be there to 'wake-on-lan' my other computers only when 
> I want them on.  This computer would have to take Debian Linux.

The Mini-9 I'm typing this on has no moving parts, and a built-in UPS 
good for 4+ hours.  Mine is running Ubuntu, but I'm sure Debian would be 
fine.  1G RAM (the most they can sell with because they also run XP. 
What monopoly?) with 16G SSD is $259 on the Dell Outlet site. 
Interestingly, ONLY units running Windows are available, I guess no one 
is returning ones with Ubuntu?  Snicker.

The power brick is small, actually a wall wart, unlike the larger ones 
other folks have mentioned.  Three are obvious pros and cons to using a 
small laptop; that's up to you.

Good luck,
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