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Re: [PLUG] no moving parts

If a conversation amongst geeks goes in the plug list does it really
make a sound?   :-D

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On 01/29/2010 01:14 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
> I can imagine a computer with no moving parts though.  Use a projector
> for the display, and a laser/LED projection with an IR sensor for a
> keyboard (I'm pretty sure I read about that one already).

Are you sure that laser/LED projector doesn't have any moving parts
(like a rapidly oscillating mirror)?

In any case, a computer requires neither a display, nor a keyboard.

However, manual input-output isn't really a problem.  The display is
already easy, and for input just have an array of photodiodes shaped
like a keyboard that you can point your flashlight at.  Actually, if you
wanted to be really clever just type on them, and have the keyboard
register the blocking of ambient light as each "button" is pressed.

Of course, this only qualifies as a computer with no moving macroscopic
parts.  Once you start counting electrons and photons...  Then again, if
electrons and photons do not occupy any particular discrete region of
space, can they really be said to move?  :)
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