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Re: [PLUG] why go open- my xp box massively exploited ... AGAIN

On Wednesday 03 February 2010 12:37:53 Carl Johnson wrote:
> I just wanted to throw this out there for those that don't know.
> Quickbooks and some other common bookeeping softwares DO NOT meet
> federal auditing standards.

My understanding is that the reason is that QB uses an income/expense model 
instead of a credit/debit model.  I'm not an accountant, but that shouldn't 
matter for most small businesses.

Accountants I have spoken with have a love-hate relationship to it.  It 
doesn't "see things" the way they were trained (credit/debit) but most of 
their customers use it and the standard customer package has an accountant 
export that allows customers to export an accountant copy.  The accountant 
twiddles with that and returns it to the customer who re-imports the 
accountant's changes.  This part the accountants like.  The other reason they 
insist on customers using it is that they don't want to implement more than 
one other system in their office.

Back on topic, if there was only an open document bookkeeping format that all 
bookkeeping software used, it wouldn't matter to the accountant which app you 
used with it.

I really think the Open Source community should be emphasizing open data 
formats over open source applications and systems. I don't suggest abandoning 
applications and systems, but switching emphasis.  If everyone insisted on 
open data formats, the applications and systems would see a consequent surge 
in adoption, because the app you used would no longer be dictated by the 
format you needed to share.

my 2 cents.

Art Alexion

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