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Re: [PLUG] why go open- my xp box massively exploited ... AGAIN

A little off topic for a sec....

I just wanted to throw this out there for those that don't know.
Quickbooks and some other common bookeeping softwares DO NOT meet
federal auditing standards.

"If it was not for Quickbooks (blame my accountant and bookkeeper who won't use
anything else)....."

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In my experience, you're making the right move.

I have been using Linux for my main workstation since the mid 1990's and the
kernel was in the 0.9x range.  Source brought home on floppys, Yggadrasil,
Slackware, Linux Internet Archive CD sets bought at Micro Center, SuSE and
finally, Ubuntu.  I've been through the works!  I switched from Open SuSE to
Ubuntu in '08 and have been supremely happy with it ever since.

If it was not for Quickbooks (blame my accountant and bookkeeper who won't use
anything else) I would be damn close to 100% Linux all the time.  I have to
support customers using Windows so I need to keep it around but Virtual Box will
soon free me from having a separate Windows system.  I tested Win 7 and it
worked in Virtual Box... as well as one could expect Windows to work.

I've cleaned countless systems of the kind of crap you describe and it's a
nightmare.  The malware writers are getting better and better while Windows, and
the users, cannot keep up.

I used to tell people that Linux supports my programming, desktop computing, and
server needs... but Windows pays my rent.  That has changed this year as I'm now
working full time on open-source web development and I only use Windows to check
the web site operation in IE 7 or access IE-only web sites :-(

As I'm sure you already know, you're in the right place (PLUG) and you won't
regret the switch.


Ron Kaye Jr wrote:
> sorry ...forgot to plain text my verizon webmail
> i have been making my living, when working, 80% in the wintel world, maybe 20% linux.
> my next computer will be a linux box, likely ubuntu.
> why?
> and i dont exactly know how to communicate this to those considering open source
> i had avg installed on my xp box
> it failed to find spyware, malware, etc on the box
> i knew it was there.
> shutdown.exe was invoked several times, taskmgr was disabled, attempts to browse to google were redirected to other ad sites.
> spybot couldnt fix everything.
> i installed xp sp3. it kept my files. it lost my installed programs.
> welcome to the windows world.
> tired of this crap.
> time  for ubuntu/kde/open office
> i was listening to WIP sports talk yesterday.
> they were describing problems with their browser/pc.
> Ron Kaye Jr
> 914-7294734
> Ron Kaye Jr
> 914-7294734
> Feb 2, 2010 07:04:53 PM, wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've been in contact with Bryan Behrenshausen over in the Department
> of Communication & Theatre at Millersville University who has been
> planning this "Open Options" event at the university in a couple weeks
> which will host a roundtable discussion on open source for faculty and
> students and then have time for demos in the lobby.
>  Date: Thursday, February 18, 2010
>  Time: 7-9PM (may run later, depending on attendee questions and interest)
>  Location: Millersville University's Ganser Library, 4th floor
> More information:
> Millersville is out toward Lancaster, so actually a 1.5 hour drive
> from Philadelphia which might be tricky for most of you, especially on
> a Thursday night, but the event *REALLY REALLY needs volunteers* to
> man some tables, show off some open source demos (Linux on your
> laptop? Bring it along!) and to answer questions.
> This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the benefits of open
> source to an eager educational audience, so I really hope we can come
> through and help Bryan out.
> If you're interested or have any questions please let me know (or just
> add yourself to the wiki signup).
> Thanks!

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