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Re: [PLUG] OT, and yet not OT: any IT horror stories?

(Sorry for top-posting)

Have you seen this? They did just what you're doing!

The newsgroup archives are PLENTY full of horror stories and the like.

As for me, WHY I do sysadmin work is because I get a rush on it and yes, I'm hooked on the adrenaline. I get more of a rush from seeing that first HELO from a fresh working postfix install than I do, say, from a rollercoaster. That's why I keep trying and learning new things- once you have something down pat and it becomes routine, it takes the edge away from it a bit. 
I have plenty of horror stories, but aside from the run-of-the-mill "'my computer crashed' only to find out the monitor wasn't plugged in", only a couple stand out in my mind.. Like the guy who recursively chowned his / to his username and then recursively chmodded it (recursively, of course) to 777. Or the guy that made his user's primary GID as 0. Or the guy who botched his iptables rules and gave unrestricted access to the entire WAN /except/ his own IP (which he dropped all packets from) and then tried to tell me his VPS was down... Yeah. Working for a VPS provider is fun! Heh

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Ladies + Gents-

I'm composing a document explaining why IT does what we do.
Specifically, I'm explaining our IT policies. My boss thinks that the
doc would be enhanced if I included a few 'IT horror stories' which I
can provide as counterpoint to the inevitable complaints about why we
don't let users do XXX, Y, and Z.

So, please send me any horror stories which come to mind.

Many thx,
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