Mike Leone on 19 Feb 2010 11:29:09 -0800

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[PLUG] Anyone using Groundwork Monitor Community Edition for monitoring?

I'm looking into using the Groundwork Monitor Community Edition, to 
monitor various things on my LAN. At the moment, I am trying out the 
VMware appliance version. Any one else using (or used) this?

I used to use a different, Windows-based monitoring system at my old 
job, so this is the first time I'm trying a Linux-based one. I know that 
it uses SNMP to communicate, so I am installing and making a new 
community on my servers, as a means of testing. All my servers are 
Windows based, and I also have a few Cisco and Nortel routers out there, 
that I'd like to keep an eye on. I'm interested in the basis, at the 
moment - CPU going above set limits, memory usage, free disk space, 
verifying specific services are in running state, web servers responding 
back in a timely manner, that sort of stuff. My old monitoring system 
(What's Up Gold) used to be able to restart stopped services, which is a 
useful feature.

Haven't found a good intro step-by-step guide yet (or not one that is 
resonating with me, anyway), so any input appreciated.

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