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Re: [PLUG] How to Signal from a Modem?

On Feb 23, 2010, at 7:43 PM, Casey Bralla wrote:

> I have a system monitor running on my home network.  I want to be able to have 
> it signal me if there is a problem.   Unfortunately, it will have to be via a 
> cell phone (text or voice) since it must work if the entire network fails (ie: 
> no eMail!!).
> I was thinking of using an old modem on the POTS line, but am not sure how I'd 
> handle the signalling.  Maybe just call my cell phone and let caller ID be the 
> notification?  Or maybe generate a series of key-presses on the modem which 
> codes the problem  (kinda like a BIOS beep error code).
> Anybody have any suggestions for a simple system that would use old hardware?

I would look to using some kind of stand-alone, battery powered, box.

Historically, Sensaphone, (www.sensaphone.com) provided a reliable and cheap
 "black box" that would dial out over POTS when any of a a number of different 
sensors triggered a "situation." 

You could also dial in to the Sensaphone and it would tell you things like time
and temperature and allow you to listen to the environment where the box was

I have used these to monitor Computer Room status for many years (since about 1980!)
They are "relatively" cheap for what they do and their reliability.

Back then Sensaphone was the only game in town... today there are undoubtedly Chinese
knock-offs that are cheaper.

Sensaphone now has a stand-alone "web based" version that will send out text or
email messages.


I just picked up (It came in the mail today, so I haven't tried it yet.) 

>From the Misterhouse mailing list...

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Ran across an interesting I/O module and wondered if anyone had used this
with mh...

8 digital outputs
8 digital inputs
8 temperature inputs (one wire)
3 analog inputs
Humidity sensor input

Also has some timer functions and can sent email alerts on a condition. 
Probably not that useful if used with mh...


It has hardware for RS232/485 but it is not supported by the software.  This
would be more useful than email status or 

$35 from Amazon
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