JP Vossen on 1 Mar 2010 12:32:40 -0800

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[PLUG] Postfix address re-write rules?

Fair warning: I haven't Googled this yet.  I have a hunch I'll find a 
bunch of stuff that is almost, but not quite, completely wrong for what 
I'd like to do.

Problem: there is an external email address to which I can send email 
but my wife can't.  This is due to an incredibly FUBAR remote mail 
server, over which I have no control and which has not improved in 
years, nor will it.  Ever.  :-(  Note we're both using my server, on my 
domain, mine works because of a special exception on the remote side 
that we can't get duplicated.  (Don't ask.)

Work-around: when my wife replies to that address, she can manually 
change it to a different one that works.  Except sometimes she forgets, 
and the broken server never send a failure message either so the reply 
just vaporises.

Proposed Solution: Ideally, if my wife sends an email to the bad address 
(due to hitting reply and forgetting to change it), Postfix will 
re-write with a good address, but if I send it will do nothing.  Worst 
case, I just re-write everything going to the bad address with the good one.

IOW, ideally:
	me --> = just works
	wife --> --} postfix changes to = works

Anyone have any clues?  I'm using stock Lenny Postfix 2.5.5-1.1 if that 

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