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Re: [PLUG] Rackspace

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On 03/11/10 19:24, Julien Mills wrote:
> Hi,
> Anyone have any experience with Rackspace or would recommend
> any of its competitors.  We're running Sendmail (on a Slackware box)
> and using Notify to deal with the Blackberrys.  And using openVPN to
> allow the road warriors to get in from outside our building.
> Thing is, I don't have any way to deal with the calendar and scheduling
> for the Outlook/BB users.
> Anyone have any good ideas to handle all this stuff without resorting
> to Rackspace or (gasp), something worse?

preface, i'm totally biased because this is my current place of employment.

check out rapidxen[1], i'm currently helping develop a host of KVM vps
hosting for the company so if you need full hardware virt for whatever
reason, that's a good place to start coming in the next couple of weeks.
it's all totally unmanaged, granted (except for the hosts, obviously),
but 1.) this keeps the price of plans way down and 2.) you seem like you
know what you're doing.

as for the calendaring and so forth, you might want to check out
OpenGroupware[1] or the clusterable sister, Scalable OpenGroupware[2].
SoGo (the latter) is a little bit buggy at the moment though, and is a
PITA to set up so i'd opt for the former.


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