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Re: [PLUG] Rackspace is the worst place to do small colo or VPS. There biggest advantage is their name. Pricing is way too high, and service sucks.

I had a customer contact me last week, they wanted a single server (Win2008), Rackspace quoted them something like $1300/month.

Anyway... You definitely dont need a colocated server for this, it can easily be done with VPS - but good VPS - the kind that has guaranteed resources and is not oversubscribed.

My company here in Phila does all of it, colocation hosting, VPS. 24x7 "local" Service and Support

Our VPS platforms are a blend of Xen and VMware ESX. The slices receive dedicated system resources. So if you go with 1GHz, 512MB RAM, and 20GB HDD - you get exactly that - no over subscription and no competing for resources. Prices start around $20/month for Linux.

If interested, just check us out:

On Mar 11, 2010, at 8:24 PM, Julien Mills wrote:


Anyone have any experience with Rackspace or would recommend
any of its competitors.  We're running Sendmail (on a Slackware box)
and using Notify to deal with the Blackberrys.  And using openVPN to
allow the road warriors to get in from outside our building.

Thing is, I don't have any way to deal with the calendar and scheduling
for the Outlook/BB users.

Anyone have any good ideas to handle all this stuff without resorting
to Rackspace or (gasp), something worse?

Julien Mills

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