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Re: [PLUG] OT: medium coffee, with room for WiFi

Lovers & Madmen looks awesome, thanks for the recommendation! Although I Google Maps'd it and I'm told it's on 40th and Ludlow, rather than Sansom, for anyone looking.

Definitely a place to check out.

On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 10:52 AM, <> wrote:

In the message dated: Thu, 11 Mar 2010 09:33:33 EST,
The pithy ruminations from Floyd Johnson on
<[PLUG] OT: medium coffee, with room for WiFi> were:
=> An article in the March 9 New York Times
=> ( discussed
=> coffee shops there. This intrigued me because, for most of the time I've
=> been in Philly, I came to associate cafes with getting online.
=> It seems most of their "alpha list" places are too small to even think
=> of sitting down and breaking out the laptop,  let alone checking mail
=> and uploading code.
=> To me, Philly has the upper hand in that department.

As someone who's serious about coffee (counting the machines being modd'ed and
the parts donor, I've got more espresso machines [4] than computers [3]), I'd
say that it depends on how you define "upper hand" and "department".

I suspect that (due to population, if nothing else), NYC has more cafes with
Wifi. NYC certainly has more places that serve good coffee.

If you're serious about coffee, and want Wifi in Philly, I can suggest
Lovers & Madmen (40th & Sansom) or Chestnut Hill Coffee (Germantown Ave,
Chestnut Hill). There may be other places...but those are the ones that I'm
familiar with that fall into the intersection of "good espresso" and "wifi".

Note that there are many places in both towns to get marginal espresso or
some hot brown caffenated swill-in-a-cup and Wifi.


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