JP Vossen on 12 Mar 2010 12:07:12 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Hardware, acquisition

John Desmond wrote:
> My current computer's hard disk is making 'need replacement' noises.  
> Recommondations for preferred manufacturers and good sources for new 
> drives (and other parts and pieces) sought.  Local vendors preferred, 
> mail order places also considered.

+1 for Newegg, usually great prices and fast shipping.
+1 for, similar
+1 for, but be prepared to do your homework here, the 
"best price" is often flawed in some way, refurb, run out of someone's 
garage, etc.  Take best price +~10% for a reasonable guess.

I've used and with no problems as well.

+1 for Western Digital, I've had *very* few problems with them.
-1 Seagate
-5 Maxstor

 > Finally, at some point later this year, may get new computer.
 > Recommendations for good vendors?, Ubuntu only (no Windows), great stuff, other PLUG members 
are also big fans.  I will bring a Meerkat (non ION) for show-n-tell to 
PLUG West on Monday if you care.  Small shop, great support, see:

Good luck,
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