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[PLUG] Ubuntu: Dist-upgrade failed

Well, I'm getting very irritated running Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid - (If
you're thinking: "The rendering in %*!(^$|&# Firefox 3.0.x is BROKEN?"
then we're on the same track.)  

I want to do a dist upgrade to 9.04  When I run the slick little GUI
upgrade piece it tells me that there is an uncorrectable error. Looking
at the dist-upgrade/20100323-0812/apt.log file I get this ominous line
at the end:

ERROR:root:Dist-upgrade failed: 'E:Unable to correct problems, you have
held broken packages.'

This is, of course, preceded by a lot of "Investingating..." and
"Considering..." and "Removing..." messages.  ALL of them relate to
OpenOffice.  Does this mean if I remove OpenOffice entirely then I'm
likely to have the dist upgrade work?  Because I can do that!


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