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Re: [PLUG] Ubuntu: Dist-upgrade failed

Chad Waters wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 23, 2010 at 9:14 AM, Eric <X> wrote:
>> Well, I'm getting very irritated running Ubuntu 8.10 intrepid - (If
>> you're thinking: "The rendering in %*!(^$|&# Firefox 3.0.x is BROKEN?"
>> then we're on the same track.)
>> I want to do a dist upgrade to 9.04  When I run the slick little GUI
>> upgrade piece it tells me that there is an uncorrectable error. Looking
>> at the dist-upgrade/20100323-0812/apt.log file I get this ominous line
>> at the end:
>> ERROR:root:Dist-upgrade failed: 'E:Unable to correct problems, you have
>> held broken packages.'
>> This is, of course, preceded by a lot of "Investingating..." and
>> "Considering..." and "Removing..." messages.  ALL of them relate to
>> OpenOffice.  Does this mean if I remove OpenOffice entirely then I'm
>> likely to have the dist upgrade work?  Because I can do that!
> How exactly did you try to upgrade?
> Are you going to 9.10 afterwards?
> CW
I ran the Ubuntu Update Manager from the little icon that tells me there
are updates.  It's the #1 screen shot in the Ubuntu JauntyUpgrades
document you reference

Clicking on that button takes me through the dialog that ends up with
the error message.
The details are in the apt.log file, here:

I might go on to 9.10... I'm not sure yet.  We're close enough to 10.04
that I might just run a few months on 9.04 and then do two upgrades in a


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