Mag Gam on 23 Mar 2010 16:17:38 -0700

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[PLUG] sharing and distributing software

At my company we use a lot of opensource software. We have close to
400 Linux servers which use this software.

Currently, we compile everything into a shared NFS folder so all hosts
can access the software.

So, currently we have /net/shared/software and when we compile
something we use, ./configure --prefix=/net/shared/software
This is kind of like having LFS (Linux from scratch with versions)
onto a NFS share

I was wondering if anyone has a better way of doing this or share tips
or tricks. I would also be interested in a a regression method, so for
example if you install a new version of gcc is installed; how would
you test to see if it keeps your company's standard and code would
compile properly?

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