Michael Lazin on 26 Mar 2010 14:40:22 -0700

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[PLUG] slightly OT: finding SQL injection in M$ logs with grep

We have a customer who had an entire table dropped from their MS SQL server database, they are running a customer built ASP site with database backend.  They are blaming us but 2nd level support believes it to be the result of a SQL injection attack.  I have been given the unfortunate duty of trying to find the hack, I do security on the Linux servers, but there is no one else here who knows enough about logs who could do any better.  I am working under the assumption that the attack will show up with in the logs as a POST, and it will be a 200 (successful connection).  There are 295 unique IPs that have passed post data that are 200s.  I know this from grep and wc -l.  Anyone know enough about MS logs to give me some hints that might help me find the hack with grep?

Michael Lazin

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