JP Vossen on 29 Mar 2010 12:00:35 -0700

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[PLUG] F/OSS KB software?

A question about F/OSS KB (knowledge base) software came up at work, so 
I was wondering if anyone knows of anything decent.  Some Googling 
turned up a bunch of stuff that was either non-F/OSS or too alpha/beta 
looking (Owl).  I was surprised, as I figured there'd be tons of these. 
  For all the KB sites out there I figured some PHP on top of MySQL 
would be pretty easy, since a KB isn't that different from a forum, of 
which there are legion.  Guess not.

I also glanced at, but the 
community edition is not even self-hosted, and is using MediaWiki 
instead.  That's kinda interesting...

I'm using MediaWiki for something else anyway, so I'm looking at that to 
see if it'll fit.  I hope it will, since that'll be simpler all the way 
around.  But if not, any clues?

I'm running on CentOS-5 and using 
(also hosted on MediaWiki, think it's a Sign?).

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