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Re: [PLUG] F/OSS KB software?

On my todo list is looking at MojoMojo, which is another wiki program, but
it looks like it's way better than mediawiki. Wiki's seem pretty suited for
knowledge base applications. MojoMojo runs the wiki. 

BTW I have a personal (private) knowledgebase that lives in mediawiki,
before I give my catalyst talk I will probably look at converting it over.

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Subject: [PLUG] F/OSS KB software?

A question about F/OSS KB (knowledge base) software came up at work, so 
I was wondering if anyone knows of anything decent.  Some Googling 
turned up a bunch of stuff that was either non-F/OSS or too alpha/beta 
looking (Owl).  I was surprised, as I figured there'd be tons of these. 
  For all the KB sites out there I figured some PHP on top of MySQL 
would be pretty easy, since a KB isn't that different from a forum, of 
which there are legion.  Guess not.

I also glanced at, but the 
community edition is not even self-hosted, and is using MediaWiki 
instead.  That's kinda interesting...

I'm using MediaWiki for something else anyway, so I'm looking at that to 
see if it'll fit.  I hope it will, since that'll be simpler all the way 
around.  But if not, any clues?

I'm running on CentOS-5 and using 
(also hosted on MediaWiki, think it's a Sign?).

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