Lee Marzke on 31 Mar 2010 16:18:25 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] DCM verses WCM - was F/OSS KB software?

Alfresco and Wiki products have little in common.

Alfresco is a Document Content Management (DCM) platform primarily
designed to manage content in traditional documents.  It is often paired
with another Java application "Liferay" which is a "Web content management"
(WCM) platform.   ( Both run on Tomcat )

Recent version of Alfresco have been 'dumbed down' and now emulate
the MS Sharepoint  API,  so that MS applications can talk directly to
Alfresco while they think they are talking to Sharepoint.

Seems most typical users can't fathom the Afresco interface,  but they
can use Sharepoint ,  so the full Afresco interface is left to only the
users or IT folks.

Regulated industries ( Pharma, etc. ) tend to require this to get rid
of the problem of shared network drives,  and control archiving or
deletion of expired records. ( Records Management )

So Alfreso and Wiki products are not really directly comparable .

Alfresco is  now supporting "CMIS"  which theoretically allows multiple
content management apps ( Sharepoint, Alfresco, Documentum , etc ) to
all federate together and have any of them be able to query and provide
content from the others.    Large enterprises would then be able to use
multiple DCM's together without needing to migrate to a single solution.

( I picked this info up at a recent Alfresco user conference, and have
run Alfresco for several weeks of evaluation at a client )


jeff wrote:
> Although you make a great point about Alfresco, work is looking at it 
> seriously (and something VERY EXPENSIVE from Redmond).
> There's a VM available, if you're interested.  As I understand it, it's 
> all XML.  User community looks clueful, or so I've heard.
> __

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