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Re: [PLUG] mc graphics drawing characters - SOLVED

Mc doesn't really have commands. It's pretty much all F key driven.
All of the F et defs are right along the bottom when it's running.

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Mike Leone wrote:
> Eric had this to say:
>> Mike Leone wrote:
>>> Carl Johnson had this to say:
>>>> In the putty configuration menu open window>translation. After you
>>>> know what TERM is you can set the character set there. Usually by
>>>> default it's ISO-8859. Changing to UTF-8 fixes it in my experience.
>>> AH HA! Yes, it did. From Googling, I figured it had something to do with
>>> UTF-8 support in mc, but was confused into thinking I needed to activate
>>> that in TERM, and not the translation.
>>> Thanks! That's *much* nicer. :-)
>> Wow, somebody that actually uses Midnight Commander :-D
> Hey, I *like* Midnight Commander! LOL Especially over command line SSH.
> Most especially since I can actually still remember using the Norton
> Commander, that it's based on ...
> What do you prefer in its stead?

Hey, I like mc too.  It's just a "blast from the past" reminder of the Norton
Commander DOS days before Linux.

I typically just use the shell because I'm not familiar enough with the mc
commands anymore.

Does anybody remember a DOS windowing system from Quarterdeck called DESQview?
I remember when that was the hottest thing for about a year until the
Microsoft's new "Windows" product took over the market :-)

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