JP Vossen on 7 Apr 2010 12:29:28 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] DESQView (was mc graphics drawing characters - SOLVED)

> Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2010 13:42:29 -0400
> From: Eric <>

> Does anybody remember a DOS windowing system from Quarterdeck called DESQview?
> I remember when that was the hottest thing for about a year until the
> Microsoft's new "Windows" product took over the market :-)

DESQView was awesome!  True pre-emptive multitasking on a 286 or better 
(IIRC).  I had it scripted to run 3-4 sessions, 2 DOS prompts (actually, 
4Dos), my contact manager, and my word processor (MultiMate or WordStar, 
I forget which).  My first corporate PC was a 286.  I got a Gateway 386 
after a few months, I think, partly because I was the person handling 
orders and setup.  Circa 1993.  Wow...  I kept the order and vendor info 
in a Lotus-123 spreadsheet.

Windows "cooperative" "multitasking" really sucked.  I think I even ran 
Windows inside DESQView for a while.

Long time ago,
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