JP Vossen on 14 Apr 2010 00:15:57 -0700

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[PLUG] New Lucid theme too "bright"

Per a discussion at dinner after PLUG N:

I know Ubuntu took a lot of abuse for the old "brown" theme(s), but I 
like it. It got the job done and stayed out of my way. The new theme is 
too "bright." (Boy, aren't users a PITA? :)

There's actually at least one old (2009-04-16) bug for this kind of 
thing, which I added to:
	supply old (pre-jaunty) gdm default theme.

But it turns out the Lucid Beta 2 has these (and some more), but NOT 
installed by default:
	human-theme - Human theme
	humanity-icon-theme - Humanity Icon theme

I haven't gotten around to looking for the "bird" background.  If anyone 
knows where that stuff is stored, so I can just copy the old one, let me 

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