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Re: [PLUG] IDE drive preventing grub from loading

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Art Alexion wrote:
> I gave up on this problem a few months ago and decided to give it a
> try again today.
> I have a computer with a motherboard without IDE slots.  I had a very
> old PCI-IDE card that worked for a while, but it stopped.  I replaced
> it.  and ever since, my system won't boot with the IDE drives plugged
> in.  The PCI card's BIOS seems to recognize them OK, but I just get a
> blinking cursor after POST when they are plugged in.  If I unplug
> them, everything is fine.
> I am thinking the boot process is looking for grub there and can't find it.

Hi Art,

Have you looked at the BIOS for the boot sequence?  A lot of PC BIOS see
an IDE Drive prior to SATA or SCSI drives.  Some BIOS enable you to
specify which type of drive to attempt to boot from.  For instance, I
have an old system with SCSI and IDE drives and the BIOS has an option
to boot from SCSI or IDE bus.

For the most part I think that most BIOS chip sets default to IDE drives
as the first boot drive.

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