Eric H. Johnson on 22 Apr 2010 18:59:44 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] OS Web Picture Slide Show


What about using a CMS that has slideshow and authentication features?
Drupal ( for example has these features. I am pretty
sure Joomla does too, but I have not used it. On Ubuntu, Drupal can be
installed as easily as:

sudo apt-get install drupal6

Which will basically setup everything including the mysql database. Download
a couple modules and perhaps a theme, point a browser at it and do a quick
configuration. The whole thing could be done in a couple hours, although if
it is the first time using Drupal, there will be a small learning curve.

If standard authentication is not sufficient, as it does send passwords as
clear text, there is a secure login module which will redirect login,
registration, etc. over ssl. There are also several slideshow modules from
which to choose.


Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, can anybody recommend a secure open
source web based picture slide show? I would like it to have some
authentication, and of course be pretty :-).

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