Ben Love on 22 Apr 2010 18:25:51 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] OS Web Picture Slide Show

* Brian Vagnoni wrote on [2010-04-22 20:36:06 -0400]:
> Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, can anybody recommend a secure open
> source web based picture slide show? I would like it to have some
> authentication, and of course be pretty :-).

I would be interested as well in a solution to this.

Currently, I use SimpleViewer (which is not F/OSS unfortunately)
[].  Though, you have to get an
older version.  The current free version, while more feature-rich, also
has some deliberate limitations (including gallery size) to "encourage"
you to purchase the Pro version.  I believe anything below 2.0 is fine.

For security and authentication, I had to roll my own.  It's a fairly
simple PHP script.  Authentication is done over SSL and mailman-style
auth/session cookies are used to access the "pages".  (I know this isn't
super-secure, but my intention was to keep out casual browsers and
search crawlers.)  The most complicated piece of the script is that it
serves /all/ the images, thumbnails, SWF, JS, and CSS files, so that it
can re-verify the cookie on each request.

I can provide a copy of the PHP script and Apache configs if you're
interested, but it's probably more work than you're anticipating.


Ben Love

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