Isaac Bennetch on 24 Apr 2010 03:15:44 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] BEST way to move all contents from one server to another


On 4/20/2010 10:39 AM, Douglas Muth wrote:
> On a related topic, something I've started doing whenever I set up a
> server is to create a directory called /data, and place all of my
> files in there. If I have a config file hanging in out in /etc/ that I
> can't move, I'll instead symlink it to a copy in /data/etc/ or (next
> best) create an RCS directory in /data/etc/RCS/, and symlink /etc/RCS/
> to that directory.  That makes backups simple, since I only have one
> directory to back up. (I ensure that MySQL dumps are written to
> /data/mysql-backups/)
> Does anyone else take that approach for server/file management, or is
> it just me? :-)

I held off on responding for days so I could try to find a link, script, 
or even hint -- but can't find anything. I remember stumbling on 
someone's script which they called "hacking" or maybe just "hack"; it 
was a shell script to do pretty much exactly what you describe. Symlinks 
of important /etc/ files in to a backup folder and then using RCS to 
maintain version control over them. Sadly, the idea didn't do much for 
me so I deleted the file and can't find the right words to search 
Google. For what it's worth, I believe it was on Slashdot and was 
several years ago.

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