Mike Leone on 27 Apr 2010 07:34:38 -0700

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[PLUG] grub shows no menu

I downloaded a Ubuntu 9.10 server VM appliance, to use on our ESX 
cluster. All seems fine, except that I see no menu when grub loads at 
boot time. I want to change the console (framebuffer) resolution 
(there's no GUI here). Ordinarily, I'd change an entry in menu.lst in 
/boot/grub. But here, I see no files named "menu" at all. I do see "grub 
loading" when the machine starts, but I have no menu.

So how do I get grub to show me a menu? And (more importantly) how do I 
then change the resolution, to get more screen real estate?

I tried "update-grub", and it said it found this and that, but still 
made no menu.lst, nor showed me a menu on restart.

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