Drew Lehman on 3 May 2010 14:29:36 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] experience with Clear wireless?

I am using Clear around town all of the time.  Out at the edge I do have
a few gaps occasionally, but as you get closer to Philly the coverage is
everywhere.  It's not quite up tot mobile in a car as it is possible to
go through some gaps right now (no issues with driving, just possible
gaps which are almost no-existent in Philadelphia).  However, work at
the park or a restraint works great.  I have the Wipipe to provide a
hotspot using the Clear usb device for those times I need more than one
computer at once or a device that can't use the usb (kids DS's ).  Never
had an issue with the weather, even in bad storms.  Clear uses the 2.6
range, so theoretically rain and foliage could interfere, but I think
they blanket the coverage so much it's a non-issue.
I stream video all of the time with it without a hitch.  I have not
tried video conferencing so I'm not sure if any buffering would cause an
issue there.
  As for replacing Cable, I don't know how you would unless you use Hulu
  I also don't think LTE will replace WiMax.  They are very similair
technologies, but LTE is WiMax shoehorned into the current wireless
carrier's current equipment.  It is really more about delivering
voice/data for wireless phones than straight wireless broadband.  Either
way, it was the same isues with overage WiMax has, though I think
Verizon has purchased a lower frequency, thus allowing better
penetration with fewer towers, but that is more of the frequency than
the technology.
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> We have over 100 Clear modems, and we are very happy with them. I agree with everything Mark stated. Good speed, provided good signal strength, high latency, but they buffer the heck out of it. 
> There are other RSU's besides the Moto units, there is a Gemtek which appears to be more secure(you are able to change the device password). 
> Check out http://nexus404.com/Blog/2010/01/15/clear-launching-2-clear-wimax-modems-clear-has-announced-2-new-wimax-modems-from-gemtek-and-motorola/
>>From a business perspective they make good hotspots, great for everything but gaming, great as a cheap failover circuit, no bw limits/caps on the RSU's, and static ip is available, not sure about reverse dns however. 
> However, LTE will become the dominant wireless spec as time progresses.
> Brian 

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