Art Alexion on 5 May 2010 04:34:36 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] experience with Clear wireless?

On Monday 03 May 2010 13:12:13 wrote:
> The USB dongle does NOT work with Linux.  There has been talk of making it
> work, but my occasional searches reveal nothing new on that front. It can
> be made to work using various combinations of a windows VM providing
> network for Linux, or the reverse.  With windows it "just works" (once the
> software is installed, it initializes when the device is plugged in and
> waits for you to hit connect).  I've had near perfect success providing
> network access to a Linux guest running under windows, and some limited
> success providing network access to a Linux host via a windows VM.  I've
> had no success at all getting it to work under Linux natively but to be
> fair, that is not my cup of tea.

In about a month, Sprint is releasing an Android with [Clear-provided] WiMax.  
I am looking forward to this as a solution to using it with Linux.  What luck 
have the Android users had with tethering to a Linux host?

Art Alexion

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