Richard Freeman on 5 May 2010 05:39:13 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] How to share write access to files via scp?...

On 05/05/2010 01:39 AM, sean finney wrote:
> if you want to control umask/permissions with more of an iron fist, openssh
> is pretty hard for this, since the options to chmod and set umask are built
> in at the protocol (sftp) level.  at one customer i helped them set up a custom
> openssh service using the sftpfilecontrol patch (
> which forces you to recompile ssh yourself but removes the ability to
> override umask or chmod files after they are created.  some distros (not
> anything debian-like afaik) even ship this patch on by default.

Another option, assuming you can accept the latency, is to use a cron 
job to micromanage your permissions in your directory tree.  A script 
that does a chmod -R every 10 minutes would handle this.  If your tree 
is very large, that might not perform well.

I'm not sure if openssh respects the setgid bit on the parent directory, 
but a user-group approach might help if this were the case.  You might 
not need w+rw if you can use setgid and your umask will get you g+wr.

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