Chad Waters on 14 May 2010 12:21:03 -0700

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[PLUG] Ubuntu default locales

I've always filed this under "annoying", but was never motivated
enough to investigate thoroughly. JP's presentation at PLUG North got
me on a mission though.

In Debian, you can explicitly select which locales you want on your system by:

1) editing /etc/locale.gen and then running locale-gen
2) dpkg-reconfigure locales (which will let you select via a curses menu)

Ubuntu, however, installs the following by default:

  en_AG.UTF-8 (Antigua and Barbuda)
  en_AU.UTF-8 (Australia)
  en_BW.UTF-8 (Botswana)
  en_CA.UTF-8 (Canada)
  en_DK.UTF-8 (Denmark)
  en_GB.UTF-8 (Great Britain)
  en_HK.UTF-8 (Hong Kong)
  en_IE.UTF-8. (Ireland)
  en_IN.UTF-8 (India)
  en_NG.UTF-8 (Nigeria)
  en_NZ.UTF-8 (New Zealand)
  en_PH.UTF-8 (Philippines)
  en_SG.UTF-8 (Singapore)
  en_US.UTF-8 (United States)
  en_ZA.UTF-8 (South Africa)
  en_ZW.UTF-8 (Zimbabwe)

It offers no mechanism to cleanly change that setting. The localepurge
package mentioned by JP deletes the files after the fact. Ubuntu still
generates all 16 locales, and then localepurge is invoked as an apt
post-install hook that just deletes everything just created.

Doesn't anyone know of a cleaner way?

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