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Re: [PLUG] (OT) Philadelphia Wireless

On 5/19/2010 12:09 PM, Edmond Rodriguez had this to say:
> Back on topic maybe?
> I've used library services at times and it was helpful, but the imposed
> time limits have always been frustrating when I did so. I always
> wondered why they didn't get more machines and increase their time
> limits.

Because of ...

> Machine Cost?

That's usually why.

My GF is a computer lab librarian. They use software like SteadyState or 
Fortres as guardian/lockdown software, which is Windows-based. They also 
get grants from the Gates Foundation. You can draw your own conclusions. :-)

Also, they use the PCs for training - she's always giving into classes 
(I mean, REAL intro classes - this is a mouse. Here's how you move one. 
etc). And she also gives classes on things like Word - here's how to 
make a resume, send a job letter, etc. because that's what still wanted 
most - at least some exposure to MS office software, which is still 

These are usually folks who can't afford computers for themselves, and 
so have never used one, except for ones at the libraries. And as you may 
imagine, the libraries aren't exactly overflowing with money for lots of 
PCs ...

> free). Or at least have some Linux machines available for those that
> don't mind using it.

So buy some machines, and donate them to the library of your choice, and 
specify they use Linux only with them. Then the library will have some. LOL

(while I said that sarcastically, that is how many libraries get PCs - 

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