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Re: [PLUG] (OT) Philadelphia Wireless

On Wednesday 19 May 2010 11:54:34 Conor Schaefer wrote:
> Such a conversation may be off-topic for this list, but personally I'm in
> favor of such a program. I work with a large number of individuals who are
> not in a position to subscribe to an ISP at home, and libraries have
> limited capabilities in serving communities' needs for access to digital
> information. Libraries are certainly an excellent resources, though, and I
> think that city-wide wifi should supplement library access, not replace
> it.

It may be an idea whose time has passed with more non-businesspeople buying 
"smartphones", and relatively cheap WiMax.  I taught in a college without 
walls type degree program in West Kensington the semester which just passed, 
and only one of my students had a computer with Internet access.  Nonetheless, 
all were able to download their assignments and submit their homework on line 
via their cell phones.  Sprint is releasing a WiMax enabled Android based 
phone on June 4th that can be tethered.

Art Alexion
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