JP Vossen on 22 May 2010 12:29:49 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] e-book reader

> Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 13:45:54 -0400
> From: Walt Mankowski <>
> Subject: Re: [PLUG] [ UG News: *Free to Choose*
> 	Ebook Deal of the Day. Any O'Reilly ebook. Only $9.99.]
> Which brings up another question -- can anyone recommend an epub
> reader for Linux?

I've been using FBReader (fbreader) and have been happy with it, with a 
number of caveats.  But once I worked out the kinks and quirks, I really 
like the interface.  Actually, Walt, you saw it during my last preso; it 
was full-screen black text on white on my second workspace.

I am currently using a pretty current i386 version on the Mini9 running 
Jaunty LPIA.  LPIA had so many problems in Karmic it was unusable, and 
LPIA was totally dropped from Lucid+, so keep that in mind, because I 
think it's causing some of my problems below.

* I like the interface, though the "book list" part needs some work (I 
have the same book in many formats and each shows up separately). [1]
* It did not have a gazillion dependencies to install
* Adding keybindings is pretty easy, and you can handily set it so that 
either mouse button, space and PgDn advance a "page" (i.e. screen).  So 
no matter how I'm holding the unit, it's easy to page forward.

* I had to add a few more key bindings that I think should have been 
* It got unusably slow when my library got bigger (but this may be an 
LPIA or sshfs thing)
* The Jaunty version was totally broken out of the repos, not even usable
* There's another bug where the [Please wait, updating] box during 
library scanning becomes stuck in the foreground even when you switch 
workspaces or app.  (Possibly a Jaunty/LPIA thing.)

There were several other readers in the repos, but they all looked like 
overkill and/or wanted to install way too many other packages as deps. 
Esp. on the 16G SSD on the Mini, I want as few packages as possible.

I tried to add their repo and install from that, but it failed on an 
arch issue on the LPIA machine, that will go away when I upgrade that 
machine to i386 Lucid.  So I manually downloaded and force-installed the 
i386, but that also means I don't get updates.  :-(

Anyway, when I upgrade to Lucid, I will re-eval, and enter bugs as 
needed for the multi-book problem and general slowness of the book view, 
"please wait" getting stuck and whatever else.


[1] Free, no DRM Sci-Fi books
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