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Re: [PLUG] Domain Registrar Recommendations

I have had good experience with GoDaddy and rate their support as excellent,
especially in light of the low price of their core products. What I don't
like about them is their cluttered interface. is slightly higher
per domain, but they have a simple and clean interface, which is worth
paying a few extra dollars for. They usually get back to questions within a
day via email, they're in Dusseldorf so to call them you need to get up
early and it's an international call.

The domains I have with GoDaddy remain with GoDaddy, but my new
registrations go with Joker. 

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I've been using for my domain names, but they are somewhat

It seems to me, a registrar aught to be the simplest thing in the world to 
run.  (Take the customer's money, enter a small bit of data in a public 
database, and then don't mess with it until the registration period ends!).

So why does it cost $35/year????

 Anyone have a recommended registrar they like?

Casey Bralla

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